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Inspiring Better Health

Once upon a time, around 1000years ago, in Canada, there was a very good son who loved his mom so dearly, and lived with his old mother, in a small town. His old mother was getting sick, very sick and going to die.

The son knew that any medicines from his hometown were not able to cure his mother from the incurable disease.

Therefore, He decided to leave for herb medicine for his old mother. Since he was young, he had believed that some place must be herbs of curing for all diseases. So, he decided to find the natural herb medicine for his mom.

When he left his hometown, people all laughed at him, talking about the nonsense of his ideas.

However, he firmly believes that there must be a good place for acquiring very good natural herb medicine and providing longevity to people.

The journey for his sick mother was treacherous because of dangerous mountain animals and rough path through the mountain. However, his belief did not make him give up the journey. One the journey, one night, in his dream, he met one very old man who had very white hair, and white cloth, and even he looked like 100 years old. He told the young man the way to go the place where he was looking forward to finding and he said this place is called as Caforia. So, he took the direction of the place and continued to have the journey.

Seven days have passed since he left home for the journey. The sun set, and darkness covered all the mountain.

He quickly built a comfort tent in order to survive during the night. Next day, when he woke up, he realized that he arrived at some area which was totally unknown.

However, what he found at the place was a beautiful place with a full of various flowers, herbs and plants. The flowers were so fascinated and the smell was so nice.

He had never seen a place as beautiful as this. He said to himself, "What a beautiful place!" He started gathering fresh, untouched herbs and plants. The ground was really fertile and rich for plants and crops.

He thought that this place was a real Utopia. He said to himself "This Caforia is the Utopia that I was dreaming at that night and the old man helped me to find. He came back with the precious herbs to his mom and made an herb medicine. As soon as the mom had taken the natural herb medicine, His mother had recovered from the sickness and become healthier than before. And the Mother and Son had lived happily ever after, and the mother had lived for 120 years old and the son had lived for 125 years old.

Later, the man announced all people around him to go there and made village and lived together, so, now the village where is having a lot of natural healing plants is called Caforia. All people in Caforia live healthy and happy with their family in love.

If you have a faith to live healthy and happy with your family for a long time, just reach up to the place called caforia, there are no sickness, no disease, no pain for all including you.