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Regarding Account/Membership

Q. I want to be a new member of How can I do?

A. It is as simple as providing your email address and your own password to be a Caforia member. An account will be automatically created with your email address as ID. You can add your personal information such as name, address and phone numbers under Edit - My Account & Company.

Q. Where can I add and change my address(es)?

A. When you want to add and fix your own address or your shipping addresses, you can go to Edit - Address Book on My Caforia page. You can add five address as the maximum, and you can set one address as your primary one.

Q. How can I change my password?

A. You can change your password at Edit - Password section on My Caforia anytime you want.

Q. I can't remember my password. What should I do?

A. Go to My Caforia, click the link " Password forgotten? Click here." and put the email address that is associated with the forgotten password. The system will send you the link to your email address to reset your password

Q. Where can I find my information?

A. You can find your information on My Account Information section after you sign in with your Caforia ID and password.

Q. What is Gold membership?

A. Gold membership is a status option a seller can choose to use It is offered only for sellers. Buyers can use without any restriction with general status.

Q. What are the differences between Gold and General Membership?

A. Caforia is a free marketplace for sellers and buyers. Most of the features are free, but if you want to enjoy extra features as a seller, you should register as a Gold member. Gold membership status is only available for sellers. You can choose between monthly payment, $100/month, and yearly payment, $1080/year. Your billing address and credit card information will be required when you register as the Gold member. Benefits of being a Caforia Gold Member are:

  • I. Unlimited access to My Caforia
  • II. Gold member medal
  • III. Unlimited numbers of products to post
  • IV. Unlimited access to buyers' information
  • V. 1st visibility ranking1
  • VI. Matching email services2

  • 1Your products ALWAYS will be placed on the top of lists when a customer looks for the product. If there is more than one seller on one product, the more recent product will be shown on the very top 2Matching Email Service includes :

  • 1. Automatic up-to-date emails sent to you when a buyer looks a product you and your company sell
  • 2. Automatic up-to-date emails sent to a buyer about your product when the buyer posts a product
  • Q. How do I check my account status?

    A. You can check your seller account status under Membership �� Membership Status. It will say whether you are a general member or a gold member

    Q. What am I going to do with Staff section?

    A. You can add staff of your company. You can add information of your product manager, product consultant and delivery staff if you have any.

    Regarding Product/Posting ads

    Q. How can I trust the product(s) is fresh and legit?

    A. Sellers are required to put the production date and expiration date on their product description. You can check on the product and company prior to any transaction, or you can contact the seller(s) for further information.

    Q. What is the BEST SALE section?

    A. Based on the difference between regular retail prices and offering prices, chooses products with big sales percentages and put them on BEST SALE section. Buyers can enjoy products with cheapest prices sellers can possibly offer.

    Q. I want to buy products from the website. How does it work?

    A. Anyone who creates an account with becomes a buyer automatically. Buyers can browse the website to find the right seller(s), and purchase the products with one of purchase options. Buyers also can post products they want to buy on Post Free ad - Buy by putting product information such as Product name, Desired Price, photos and etc..

    Q. I want to sell my products. What should I do?

    A. You should register as the seller to post and start to sell your products. Please see the Account section for more information.

    Q. Why can't I see buyers' information?

    A. Buyer's information is only visible to sellers with Gold Membership status.

    Q. I want to buy products from the website. How does it work?

    A. Anyone who creates an account with becomes a buyer automatically. Buyers can browse the website to find the right seller and purchase the products by one of purchase options. Buyers also can post products they want to buy on Post Free ad - Buy by putting product information such as Product name, Desired Price, photos and etc..

    Q. I want to discontinue posting my desired products on the website. How can I do?

    A. If you do not want to keep your desired product on anymore, you can simply delete the product from My Caforia - My Product List. Keep in mind if a product is once deleted, it will be erased completely and all information on it will be lost.

    Regarding Payment/Shipment

    General transaction process

    Q. Is there any way to pay with cheque, money order or direct deposit?

    A. Unfortunately, does not provide any payment option other than PayPal for the transactions that occur within the website. We support only PayPal because 1) it provides the safest payment options in terms of scam and fraud, and 2) it helps to provide faster service and responses. Buyers can pay with cash when they meet up with sellers in person, and paying cash is the most recommended method to pay. Please refer Secure Payment section of Safety Issues.

    Q. What is the purpose of Add Comments section in the process?

    A. You can use Add Comments section to leave any message to your seller/buyer that are only related to the product and service.

    Q. What are the payment options?

    A. Currently we offer four methods of payment; PayPal account, PayPal Sandbox, Credit/Debit Card, By themselves.

    1. PayPal Account
    2. Credit/Debit Card : You simply provide your credit/debit card information. accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express and Maestro.

    Q. What are my shipment options?

    A. If you chose to receive your product(s) at your door, UPS is the only option Caforia can offer for now.

    Q. I haven't got my products yet. What happened?

    Q. How long does it take to receive my products?

    If you purchased the product within the same city, it will take 1-2 days to receive your products If you purchased the product within the same province/state, it will take 1-3 days to receive your products If you purchased the product within the same country (Canada and USA), it will take up to 5 days to receive your products. If you purchase the product internationally (between Canada and USA only for now),it will take 3-15 days depends on states and cities. (Please be advised that certain cities and states in USA are not supported by UPS) *** During holiday seasons or days with severe weather conditions, it might take longer than estimated days***

    Q. It says "Shipping is not available" when I try to check out. Why is that?

    A. 1. Your address or addresses your customer (whether they are sellers or buyers) provided might not be legit. ex) wrong postal code. Please check your and your customers' postal address. If the "Shipping is not available" message keeps appeal on the page, please contact us at 2. The Destination of the seller or buyer might not be supported by UPS. Unfortunately, Caforia has UPS as the only delivery method for now. If it is not supported by UPS, you can find another seller/buyer to purchase the same product, or you can contact the seller/buyer directly to arrange the shipment.

    Regarding Return/Refund

    Refund transaction process

    Q. I received the damaged products. What should I do?

    A. If you received damaged product(s), contact the seller(s) about the situation first. Then, send any evidence such as pictures and receipt to Caforia. PLEASE keep everything that delivered to you including the box and the product(s) itself.

    Q. I received the wrong products. What should I do?

    A. Check your order list first before doing anything. Contact the seller with information from My Caforia and the product you receive.

    Q. I want to return and get refund on my products.

    A. First, you need to contact your seller and negotiate how you and the seller will work on the refund. After you decided to refund, you need to send UNOPENED, UNUSED product with ORIGINAL PACKAGE and ORIGINAL RECIPT (if any) to the seller(s). You will be asked to follow sellers' refund rules, so please read carefully before purchasing anything from any seller.

    Q. (Buyer) How long does it take to receive the refund?

    A. The process of refunding product cost will be started right after the seller(s) receives the product(s) from the buyer. After a seller receives the product(s), the seller will request Caforia to start the process, and it will be done within 72 hours. If you paid using PayPal account, it will be refunded 2-5 days. If you paid with your credit/debit card, it will take 3-15 days depends on time and financial company. Keep in mind you have 7 days to decide to keep or refund the product from the date the shipment is done.

    Q. I opened the product and want to refund it. How should I do?

    A. Generally, it is impossible to refund opened products. However, it can be possible if the seller agrees to accept the opened products for partial refund or exchange. You must contact your seller for further information.


    Q. How can I contact seller(s)?

    A. If you have any question to a seller(s), you can send emails by clicking Email icon beside sellers' name, or call directly to the company.

    Safety issues

    We strongly recommend customers to use PayPal method when they are sending/receiving products with our delivery system. AVOID and REPORT if seller(s) or buyer(s) who ask you to do transactions by sending/receiving cheques and/or wiring money.


    If you are not sure whether a post is trustful, or if you think that a post is a scam or fraud, do not contact them directly. Please report the seller and the post to Caforia customer service. Also, before you contact the seller/buyer, please check their address and email addresses. Scammers usually have long email address with mix of numbers and letters.

    Credential Information

    We,, NEVER ASK your account information and credit/debit card information through emails or phone calls. Before reply to any email that asking you to provide any credential information, please check the email address(es) of the sender(s). After you check the email address, please contact Caforia customer service to inform the incident(s). Please add the email address(es) of the sender(s), and the copy of the email to process the investigation faster. In case of phone calls, just hang up and contact Caforia as soon as possible. Also, please protect your account by changing your password regularly or having a strong password. Do not share your password with anyone since it contains your personal information.